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Embark on a journey where love and luxury intertwine as Kandolhu recently unveiled an enchanting honeymoon package, exclusively available for website bookings. Nestled in a paradise of pristine beaches and azure waters, Kandolhu presents a bespoke package designed to celebrate your union in the most enchanting way possible.

Escape to Your Private Haven:

Your romantic retreat begins with the comfort of your own private villa – a sanctuary where tranquillity and intimacy take centre stage. Immerse yourselves in the opulence of Kandolhu’s accommodations, setting the perfect backdrop for the start of your lifelong journey together.

Savour Exquisite Delights:

As you settle into your haven, savour the delights of an exquisite pairing of champagne and canapes, creating a sensory symphony that tantalises the taste buds and sets the tone for a celebration of love.

Magical Evenings by the Beach:

As night falls, immerse yourselves in the magic of an intimate candlelit dinner beneath the starlit sky on the sandy beach. Let the gentle lull of the waves and the delectable gastronomic offerings create an ambiance that perfectly complements the enchantment of the moment.

In addition to the enchanting offerings mentioned, relish the daily breakfast at The Market, welcoming touches like a fruit basket and flower bed decoration upon arrival, and a blissful 30-minute spa massage during your stay. Stay seamlessly connected with complimentary Wi-Fi in all villas and public areas and explore the vibrant underwater world with complimentary snorkeling equipment throughout your stay.

Let Kandolhu craft the perfect setting for your love story, ensuring your honeymoon is an exquisite chapter marked by unforgettable moments and cherished memories. Begin your journey into marital bliss at Kandolhu, where every detail is designed to celebrate the magic of your union.

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